Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No space or poor organization? Part 2

My favorite cleaning spray
from Target and a hand
crocheted wash cloth.

  1. Start a load of clothes.
  2. Put on some fun music.
  3. Get a cup of coffee, water or tea.
  4. Empty the cabinets.
  5. Clean the cabinets.  I wiped mine down with a mild cleaning solution.
  6. Let dry.  If you would like to keep the cabinets clean put down some shelf paper.
  7. Look at the items and begin to group like items together.  I have found a kitchen table or clean counters are a good place to do this.  As you touch each item ask yourself these questions. 1.  Do I need it? 2, Will I use it in the near future?   3.Can someone else enjoy it?  4. Is it expired (food items) ? 5.Is it a duplicate?
  8. Throw away all expired foods.  
  9. Donate any food items that are not expired and you will not be using in the near future to a food bank or pantry.  Take them as soon as possible to the donation location,
  10. Place items you don't need in the donation box or sell box.  A word here; I have been trying to sell things on a facebook, buy, sell, trade page.  It hasn't been worth it to me.  Usually my item doesn't sell and if it does, people want to meet.  I don't think its worth it to meet at a local parking lot to sell a $5.00 item.  So, while I may continue to try to sell some items,  I think donation is the  better option to get rid of your clutter!
  11. Get rid of duplicates and items you haven't used in the past year!  You don't need them!
  12. Now organize your items back into the cabinets.  You should have more space since you have eliminated some things.  Try to decrease your items by 50%.
  13. When placing items back into the cabinets think about how you use them.  Is it a seasonal item that will only be used once a year?  Place it in a harder to reach area or towards the back.  Daily use items need to be near the front and lower down so that they are easier to reach and put away. Place food items and food prep items close to the area in which they will be used. 
  14. Put your clothes in the dryer and after they dry fold and put away. (I know I sneaked that one in on you!)
  15. Sit back and admire your work!  Post a picture on my face book page here so we can all admire your work!  Smile, you accomplished a lot!
Some of my plans did not work out.  Some of yours won't either. That's OK!  Don't let it discourage you.  Be flexible and see how items fit the spaces.  Don't spend a lot of money on organizing shelves.  I am finding that they are not that helpful.  I am using some that I already have but they are not helpful.  I placed some items in plastic zip lock bags to keep them dust free and clean.  For example solo cups.  I use these for summer parties.

Here are the after pictures.  I am still not happy with it. It took several hours to do this project.  I did not time it but I would say close to three hours with some interuptions (lunch, and coffee time)  I bought a slide out drawer but it didn't fit the cabinets.  I am going to write part three for this post when I come up with a solution.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know or post in a comment!  Thanks!
This first set of pictures is the cabinet in my laundry room.

Ready to load it up!
Christmas (rarely used) items on the top shelf.
Small appliances on the second shelf.
Paper plates, cups, cutlery and napkins
within easier reach on bottom shelf.

These are the pantry cabinets.  See how deep they are?  Things get lost in them!
These are the lower cabinets.
Not being well utilized!
These are the upper cabinets.  I am not
crazy about having the crock pots so high.  I can't
reach them without a stool.  But it looks great!

I threw out 2 trash bags full of expired food and junk. (I'm not proud, note to self, if you buy it use it within a month or donate it to a food pantry)  Sad to think I have expired food in my pantry while people in my city are hungry!  What a waste of money and resources. I vow to do better in the future!

I hope this has inspired you to do some pantry organization!
Here are some pictures I found on the web to get you inspired!
Enjoy the journey and seize the day!
๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑*¨*• Barbara •.¸¸..๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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