Monday, January 4, 2016

DVD's are clutter too!?

Today I am going to get rid of excess DVD's and electronic clutter.  First you have to decide for yourself if these items are clutter or not.  With the abundance of services that offer movie rentals you should ask yourself why own them at all?  How often are you actually watching the movies?  If you are a movie buff you may watch them often, and that's great!  You will need to find a way to store them.

Here are a few ideas.  Get this box storage at Amazon
Or this one from Miles Kimball
Or maybe you could use a shoebox.  Organization does not have to cost a lot of money!  If you want to get rid of the plastic covers but still protect the dvds you could use sleeves like these from super media 

I already own a storage case.  It looks like a large binder and it has DVD sleeves.  I am currently storing movies in it.  Also, I have a smaller one that holds wii games.  I have opted to throw out the hard cases.  This may not be an option for everyone but for my family it works!  I find that the discs take up less space without the cases.

Steps to clear the clutter.

1.  Collect all the DVD/VHS tapes/ gaming system games etc in one place.
2.  Decide which ones you will keep.
     a.  Ask yourself Have I used it in the last year?  If you answer Yes you may want to keep it, place it in the keep pile. If the answer is No.  Put it in the giveaway box.  If you are unsure set it aside for now.
     b.  If you are emotionally attached to it ask yourself if you are really ever going to use it again.  Is it worth it for you to store it?  Probably not.  This is difficult!  I have a hard time getting rid of old            
Disney movies because they remind me of my children.  I like to think I will play them for my grandkids someday.  But this is unrealistic!  Children today are technologically advanced, they will not want to watch movies on an antiquated system.  I know this may not be a popular idea, but when you clear your clutter you will start to feel better.  Give them away!
3.  Find a spot near the device (DVD player, gaming box, etc) to store the discs.  Decide how you will store them.  Store them away neatly.  If you want you can further organize them.  I am not going to get into this as there are many great organization blogs!  For now I just want to concentrate on getting rid of things I don't use.
4.  Take the discs in the giveaway box and get rid of them!  Before you change your mind.  If you haven't used it in a year you don't need it!
5.  Get rid of old technology!  Unless you have the machine to play it and you use it regularly you don't need it!
6. Now that you have cleared out some of your DVDs or VHS tapes take a look at your Unsure pile.  Maybe now it will be easier to part with some of them.  Or you could put them in a box, write the date on it.  Then in 6 months if you haven't looked in the box toss it.  It seems harsh but you can do it.  You won't miss the items inside.
6.  Finally, before storing your keep pile, look at it one more time with a critical eye.  If you can get rid of a few more, do it!  Make sure you only keep what you can reasonably store in your space.  This is a key point. If you have a large home with lots of shelving and storage space you can keep more than someone that has a small apartment or living space.  But I would like to add that even if you can keep more, should you?  Only you can decide this for yourself!

Now let's get to work!  

Here are some before and after pictures of my media cabinet!
This was crazy!  I was even storing some VHS cases without any movies in them!  
 I put all the extra cords in a zip lock bag.  The wii remotes and games are in the black basket. It took approximately 2 hours to clear this clutter, dust the shelves and rearrange the contents.  I threw away one full trash bag of empty VHS and DVD cases.  I will try to sell some of the DVDS and VHS tapes that I am getting rid of.  If I don't sell them within two days I will donate them to charity.  I feel awesome looking at this now!  I might even take time to watch a movie :)

Tomorrow I am taking on the Kitchen Junk Drawer

Enjoy the journey and seize the day!
๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑*¨*• Barbara •.¸¸..๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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