Friday, September 19, 2014

Spooky and Fun Halloween Mantel

 This was my mantel last year for halloween.  I got the idea for the banner from Today's Mama's Blog.  Her tutorial is here. I used a sharpie brand marker and muslin fabric to make mine.  Easy Peasy and inexpensive!  Coming soon my 2014 Halloween Mantel.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Easy Dryer Sheet Storage Box

Hey all, today I am making a box to hold my dryer sheets.  It's a simple little project that is low on cost and high on style. This is a fun to do and easy project.  You can use your box to hold so many things.
Supplies used:  Whitman's Sample Box
     Craft knife
    Glue Stick
      E6000 Glue
               Decorative papers
                        Paper Cutter or Scissors
1. Gather supplies (eat chocolates out of box!)

2.  Carefully cut around 3 sides of the top of the box to make a hinged lid.  Just put your knife in the folded crease of the lid. A sharp knife will make this easy.  Make sure to protect any surface you are working on.  Maybe put a cutting board under it.


3.  Glue the Top of the box to the bottom of the
 box.  I used my craft glue for this.  But any glue will work!  Just put the glue all over the sides and then put the box together, press the sides together as the glue dries.  You could use some paper clips or paper clamps for this step. I just used my fingers.

4.  Measure top and sides of box.  Cut Craft paper to fit. I used a paper cutter, but you can also mark your paper on the back with a ruler and pencil and then use scissors to cut it. I measured just inside of the gold trim on the box.  Glue paper to the top and 4 sides of the box on the outside.

5.  I used E-6000 glue to glue a little bead to the lid for a knob.

The finished Box!  Doesn't it look great!

 It's that time of year, so go out and buy yourself some chocolates!  Eat them, you know you want to, and then use the box for storage!  Have fun.